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Default Re: Next jersey number to be retired

Gary Payton is a definite. It would be stupid not to put Payton's jersey in the rafters.

I can see Allen's jersey being retired, but that is iffy.

The shortest tenured Sonics player that got retired to the rafters was Spencer Haywood. I think Lenny Wilkins might be shorter, but the head coach gig certainly made him a worthy candidate.

Ray Allen played for the Sonics 4.5 seasons vs Haywood's 6 seasons. According to wiki, Haywood was first All-NBA team and second All-NBA team with 1 playoff berth. Had 20/10 seasons and broke season averages.

In Ray's 4.5 seasons, there was 1 playoff berth, and Ray wasn't in the first NBA team, but he was in the 2nd All-NBA team. Made 3-pt shooting records.

Comparatively, I think Ray should get in. All-stars relatively equal incorporating Ray's shorter time with Haywood's. He broke the all-time record in most 3s in a season, and the minimum he did was at least put Sonics in the WSCF, pratically by himself. Although he hasn't been there as long as some others, his impact should be considered.
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