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Default Projecting the NCAA field of 68 in 2013

I know this is early lol, but now that top recruits(minus Anthony Bennett) have committed to their schools and current players have declared for NBA, it is a good time to take a look at how next year's bracket should look like. Here it goes:

No.1 Indiana
No.2 Baylor
No.3 Arizona
No.4 Kentucky
No.5 Memphis
No.6 Georgetown
No.7 Minnesota
No.8 Marquette
No.9 Kansas State
No.10 Miami
No.11 VCU
No.12 West Virginia
No.13 Long Beach State
No.14 Belmont
No.15 Oral Roberts
No.16 Vermont/Lamar(first four play-ib)

No.1 Louisville
No.2 Michigan
No.3 San Diego State
No.4 Syracuse
No.5 Texas
No.6 Creighton
No.7 Cincinnati
No.8 New Mexico
No.9 Missouri
No.10 Vanderbilt
No.11 St. Mary's
No.12 Washington/Neveda(first four play-in)
No.13 Davidson
No.14 Montana
No.15 Savannah State
No.16 Loyola(MD)

No.2 Michigan State
No.3 Kansas
No.5 Notre Dame
No.6 Tennessee
No.7 Maryland
No.8 Iowa State
No.9 Murray State
No.10 Saint Louis
No.11 Harvard
No.12 Butler
No.13 Iona
No.14 Lehigh
No.15 Middle Tenn. State
No.16 UNC Ashville

No.1 NC State
No.2 Florida
No.3 Duke
No.4 Ohio State
No.5 Wisconsin
No.6 Gonzaga
No.7 Florida State
No.8 Xavier
No.9 Arkansas
No.10 Wichita State
No.11 California/Temple(first four play-in)
No.12 Purdue
No.13 Ohio
No.14 Valparaiso
No.15 LIU Brooklyn
No.16 Miss Valley State/Wofford(first four play-in)

Bubble Watch:
Stanford, Mississippi State, Pittsburgh, Alabama, Drexel, UNC, Colorado, BYU

Whats your thought?
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