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Default Re: The New Jersey Era Is Almost Over

i miss the heyday of those guys, plus curly, big mac, a-train, scallops, anthony johnson, frank. i also admired twin a lot for how smartly and effectively he played despite having such limited NBA athleticism.

it also just hit me that frank came in with a record-breaking streak and went out with a record-breaking streak. 13 wins and then 16 losses. i never put those two things together for some reason. 13-16 by itself is still a pretty decent record for the nets.

i made it to a few games at izod despite living in philly, being broke during that period, and not having a car.

and it seems that chris christie has a message for the departing nets. so i'd also just like to say "good riddance to that plate of cheeseburgers, governor!"
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