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Default Re: Our we too soft?

I wouldn't describe our team overall as being soft but we are lacking a true enforcer that could come in and act on something if need be.

I would hope that if someone did something truly dirty against one of our guys that someone would step up if needed to send some kind of a message that it just won't be that easy and something to be tolerated.

Don't want us out there hurting guys or one of our players being looked at as a dirty player but if a couple of hard fouls need to be given to get a point across I'm completely fine with that.

If Rose, Rip or whoever are getting beaten up then something needs to be done. We can't just allow it to happen and have it lead to guys getting hurt or it effecting our performance as a team overall.

I would hope Noah, Taj, Asik, Boozer and maybe Brewer would step up.
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