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Default Re: Next jersey number to be retired

Originally Posted by 9512
Yep. I agree. Ray's stint seemed short but his impact was tremendous in its own right.

How about Shawn Kemp?

He played many years as a SuperSonic. I'm sure Kemp makes it. He owns two franchise records according to wiki (offensive rebounds and blocked shots), but that's not as important as having multiple playoff stints and reaching the finals. That final appearance is only the 3rd time in Sonics history and they made franchise history with 66 wins. It's terrible luck that they faced the best NBA record in history with 72-10 Bulls. It would have been a definite championship without them.

Gary Payton and Kemp also provided countless entertainment to the fans as one of the best, although somewhat short, duos ever to play the game. And just by accolades, Kemp was a 5-time All-star under the Sonics and reached All-NBA second team 3 times. If that does not warrant a jersey to the rafters, consider my alliance to the Sonics tainted.

Played much more years than Spencer Haywood and that Mariners (Supersonic Legends celebration) acknowledged Kemp as a legend.
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