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Default Who do you think will be returning? by Jared82

Originally Posted by jared82

Of the roster we have now... I predict only thse players will be on our opening day roster.

SF: Melo - Not going anywhere

PF: Amare - Depending on how well he and Melo play together in the playoffs, he will either be traded (Hopefully for an established PF who doesn't require the ball all the time. Somebody who scores off his own rebounds and plays hard defense.) or staying.

C: Chandler - Better not go anywhere!!! (Unless traded for D. Howard)

SG: Fields - Woodson will make sure his whipping boy doesn't comeback... Maybe use the money to try and re-sign J.R Smith

PG: Lin - I'm still not sold on using our MLE to retain him. I would rather have a cheaper established PG off the FA's

PG: Bibby - Retiring to San Fran to be a lesbian
PG: Dougie - Gone baby gone... Maybe used as a side dish in a trade
PG: Baron - Gone unless he excepts the Vets Min

SG: Shump - Staying
SG/F: J.R - Depends on what we do with Fields and Lin if we'll be able to afford him
PF: Jorts - He'll have one more season as our prospect
PF/C: J. Jeffries - Hopefully returning... Can't believe i'm saying that. He is cheap salary wise and has heart... especially on the defensive end
SF: Novak - Love his 3's and his cheap salary. Hopefully he stays

So what do you guys think?

Here ya go
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