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Default Re: Who do you think will be returning? by Jared82

As much as I love STAT... I love the Knicks more. At this point I wouldn't turn down a trade from the Nets for say D-Will and K. Humphries for STAT and J. Lin.

STAT was amazing last year, and I will never forget how he single handedly made the Knicks relevent again. But it doesn't look like he will flourish in Woodson ISO like he did under D'Antoni's run & gun. As much as I would love to keep him based on that alone... it seems like his best days are behind him. He is still a name though, and the Nets would love to eat off of our plate just to get some butts in their new seats. I say trade him now while he's still worth something.

It sucks that Humphries did that dumb reality show, because it blinds everyone to his talent. He is exactly what we need to compliment Melo and give Chandler a break. He doesn't need the ball passed to him to score. Like Chandler... he scores off putbacks and dunks. And D-Will for Lin I don't think really needs any explanation.

Also another trade that is more far fetched but still maybe possible is Lin & STAT to Atlanta for J. Teague & Horford or J. Smith. If we had to do Shump & STAT for Horford/J. Smith I think it would still be worth it.

But anyways... I think we're gonna be saying goodbye to:

Mike Bibby
Baron Davis
Toney Douglas
Landry Fields
Dan Gadzuric
Jerome Jordan
Steve Novak
J.R. Smith
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