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Default Sonicsgate-CNBC Friday 4/27/2012

Hey fellow Sonics fans. First off it is cool seeing that us diehard Sonics fans are standing strong for our beloved Sonics and waiting for their return. I can't wait until our team is back in the league. With that being said, I just wanted to pass along this information that was sent to me. I guess on CNBC this Friday (4-27-12 and on Sunday 4-29-12)

Sonicsgate airs on
National TV this weekend!

7:00pm Pacific Time / 10:00pm Eastern

Friday, April 27

Sunday, April 29

I am sure that many of us have seen most, if not all, of this information before, so it might be hard for folks to watch. But either way, this Friday it will be on national TV!! I am watching the 50th time that I have seen it. But it is nice to watch.


Fellow Sonics fans.

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