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Default Re: Next jersey number to be retired

Originally Posted by JellyBean
IMHO the next number that should be retired is Dennis Johnson or some kind of honor for a underrated player in our history. After him, Gary Payton without a doubt. But DJ first then GP. I am not sold on Ray Allen. Yes he made great strides as a Sonic. But to have his number retired before a Shawn Kemp, Dale Ellis, John Johnson, Slick Watts, or a Lonnie Shelton would be a slap in the face.

Ray should definitely be the last great Sonic to have his jersey in the rafter. No doubt about that. Unfair for older Sonic players to keep waiting for the acknowledgement of their achievements.

Good point about DJ. He should definitely be first. He has been far too underrated in his career (didn't enter HOF until after he died ). Should honor him first once Sonics come back. He was FMVP that helped won us the 1979 championship. Gus Williams jersey is there if I recall, so why should DJ get left out?
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