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Default Re: Don't sleep on the Witcher 2 for 360

I've only played for about 5 hours, but I'm hooked. The story looks like it'll have a lot of intrigue. Some people have complained about the early difficulty of the game on Normal, but it doesn't seem that difficult to me and I'm no RPG playing expert. I suppose Demon's/Dark Souls difficulty prepared me for Witcher 2. I enjoy the combat. It takes a few minutes to get used to light attacks, heavy attacks, parrying, roll dodging, using signs(magic) and using items. The fist fighting mini game is kinda cool. I still can't get used to the arm wrestling mini game. The voice acting is pretty good. Those are my early impressions.....This game doesn't feel like a chore's fun.

Many of you who didn't play this on pc and are overlooking this game are missing out on one of the best RPGs ever.
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