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Default Re: Who do you think will be returning? by Jared82

Originally Posted by franchize
What people keep forgetting is that Deron can walk. Of course I'd do it if I was NJ. You shipped away your draft picks. Dwight is stuck in Orlando for at least nother year. You're about to open a new stadium. You want Gerald Wallace as your franchise player? I think not. Is Amare more valuable than Deron? Hell no. Is amare more valuable than Deron with his bags packed? Absolutely
I dont think they will settle for it. Why eat up cap space for Stat? Doesnt make sense. I think they would go in another direction for sure but it wont be to settle for Pseudo-Star, uninsured, bad eye, bad back, bad knee, max player like Stat.

I dont think people understand the financial cow that is Lin. He isnt going anywhere. For basketball reasons DWill is a great acquisition but money in Dolan's pocket Lin all day.

You can book this next season Melo, Lin, Stat, Chandler, Shumpert will be on this roster everyone else is pretty much a crap shoot.
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