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That leaves the Warriors one game ahead of New Jersey and Toronto, who play each other Thursday night in Toronto. So at least one of those teams will end up with a 23-43 record. Golden State plays host to San Antonio Thursday and with a loss, the Warriors would end up with a 23-43 record and tie for the seventh worst record.

If the Warriors end up in a tie at 23-43, then the league will flip a coin to determine the draft order.

So for the Jazz to get a first-round draft choice they lost their own by making the playoffs and must forfeit it to Minnesota they need Golden State to beat the Spurs, who will likely be resting their starters. But who knows how motivated the Warriors will be to win and perhaps lose out on a No. 8 or better draft pick.

If the Warriors lose, it would be up to a coin flip to see if the Jazz get a first-round pick or must wait until another year to get the Warriors selection.
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