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Default Re: We are about to make NBA history

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
Worst team ever in the history of the game.

I'll be at the game Thurs. to witness it. It's also going to be televised nationally on TNT, a decision i know the network is regretting right now.

Anyway I'm trying to be philosophical about the whole mess. I went to every home Panthers game in 2000 and we lost every single one of them. 3 years later we were in the Superbowl. Turnarounds do happen.

Panthers turnaround went something like this: Gutter to Playoffs.
Bobcats turnaround went something like this: Playoffs to Gutter.
The Cats have had some terrific players over the years. How could we be where we're at now? Is there really any sense to be made out of it?
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