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Default Re: The Pro Bowl may be dead

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
that would be cool... i guess

but something stinks about Goodell.. all these years the pro bowl has been around and now he decides to suspend it because guys werent playing hard?

guys never played hard... not even back when the probowl was on ABC.

nobody wants to get hurt. Its more of a celebrity event than an actual competition.

I just think Goodell is taking something away from game by doing this. One thing is for sure... He is no Tagliabue or Rozelle
People never played hard. The last few years though the NFL gets mocked for it a ridiculous amount. I'm not sure where that came from. All of a sudden people think it's an issue.

Like the DH/No DH in baseball, i've heard about this like 200 times the last few weeks. Did people just realize the two leagues are different?
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