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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire Novels

Originally Posted by Anti Hero
I like the chapters with Jon Connington in ADWD. Jon has some good chapters too, especially towards the end when he starts gearing up for battle. You're not quite there yet so I won't get into detail.

Connington though, that looks like it will add a fresh new role in the series. A new foe for everyone, maybe Dorne becomes interesting with this..

I really want to go back and re-read this series. There are a bunch of clues and foreshadowing that I missed that others pointed out to me. I just don't know if I will get to it anytime soon.

I too have seriously considered re-reading them. I don't think I've ever devoured that many pages that quickly. The seperate perspectives per chapter trick gave it a great pacing. It makes it a little tricky to get into, but for me the first season of the show did that for me. And then once I read book one, every chapter felt like I was only 9 pages away from getting back into something I wanted to know about. It's like a whole series of teasers.

But yeah, re reading that much material is a daunting task.

As anyone who's read the books, the real question is who are Jon's Parents.
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