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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire Novels

the main theory that I do believe is RT + LS = JS. Howland Reed was there and will reveal all. if you read all the books, the ONLY person who has something bad to say about RT is robert baratheon. everyone else respected and loved RT. By all accounts, he was an honorable man. I don't think LS was kidnapped and raped. I think they were in love and produced JS. when LS said "promise me, Ned" it was to protect and raise her son, not asking ned for revenge or anything like that. Ned has to hide Jon's parentage from robert since Jon would be a danger to him.

remember how honorable Ned is? he would NEVER have a bastard son while off to war. He is Jon's uncle, not father. also, Ed has said that Jon is of his blood, but has never said Jon is his son.
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