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Default Re: The Pro Bowl may be dead

Yeah, the Pro Bowl is a joke, but the Pro Bowl has always been a joke. Not the concept behind it, but the game itself. There's obviously no effort given on the field, but there is an obvious reason for that. Nobody is going to risk injuring themselves in this game.

I have no problem with the game being cancelled but players still getting title Pro-Bowl players if they deserve. What I think is a bigger issue here is how many players actually become Pro-Bowlers. Simply put, there's way too many. The amount of alternates and reserves are ridiculous.

Pro-Bowlers should only consist of your standard positions, and then a back-up for each of those positions, like every sport. That means for the AFC Conference for example, when deciding Pro-Bowlers, there should only be...

QB - 2
RB - 2
FB - 2
C - 2
OG - 4
OT - 4
TE - 2
WR - 4

DT - 4
DE - 4
LB - 6
CB - 4
SS - 2
FS - 2

Special Teams
Kicker - 2
Punter - 2
Kick Returner - 2
Punt Returner - 2

That's it. That's all there should be. You should have the best player at that position in the Conference, and then a back-up, which would be the next best player at the position in the conference. There shouldn't be 10-12 freaking "Pro-Bowl" Quarterbacks every season. Its retarded.

So yeah, go ahead and get rid of the game itself so we won't have this problem. Less players will be slapped with the Pro-Bowl title, it will become more rare and prestigious, and believe it or not, maybe actually make it mean something.
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