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Default Re: harrison barnes next paul pierce or?

Originally Posted by KG215
That right there is enough to tell me you only watched a few UNC games or, if you watched a lot, didn't play very close attention. I don't have the exact numbers but Harrison's numbers with Marshall were better than without Marshall for a reason. And it's not a coincidence that his rise as a freshman coincided with Kendall Marshall being inserted into the starting lineup after Larry Drew quit and transferred.

Did Marshall "feed" Barnes like he fed Zeller and Henson? Of course not. You don't see any PG's really "feeding" a SF/SG like you do really good bigs. But to say Barnes played with a PG who never fed him the ball is beyond stupid.

The only argument I could see making sense out of that is that had Barnes NOT played with a ball dominant PG, meaning he was such a good creator/decision maker, that he would have been given more iso situations to prove he could create on his own. Which I don't agree with. He just isn't that good a ball handler or passer. He is what he is. A good athlete with extra size who's nice on the glass for his position, and will fill the wings on the break, and can genuinely stroke it.

I really see granger as a ceiling, but if he's not in the right situation, a basement of someone like Dorrell Wright.

Truth be told, I actually feel like he's a safe pick because even if he doesn't pan out, at least you have a competent catch and shoot guy. But I would expect something closer to Granger.
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