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Default Re: Jim Brown on Trent Richardson

Originally Posted by Jackass18
I said if anything he's overrated. What credit doesn't get get? He's been to the pro bowl all the years he deserved to and he's gotten plenty of props. People called him a top back even after the years he barely sniffed 1,000 yards. What more do you want people to say when he's on a team winning 2-3 games a year? What success did he bring the Rams? He's had 1 great year, 1 really good year, and a bunch of meh years.

He's the ONLY reason they've won any games.

Don't you think he deserves more credit?

That not enough? Think of every team they play and what their gameplan is.... "Uh, stop Jackson 'cause that's all they have" Year in and year out, he's going into games knowing that defenses are looking for him and only him every down. You put him on a balanced team for once in his career and he'd blow up.

Quit pretending he's mediocrity.
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