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Default Re: Jim Brown on Trent Richardson

Originally Posted by QUIZZLE
He's the ONLY reason they've won any games.

Let's be melodramatic! He's the only reason they win 2 games a year!

Don't you think he deserves more credit?

No. The players ranked him the #38 top player in 2011. What does he deserve more credit for? What isn't he getting credit for? *crickets*

That not enough? Think of every team they play and what their gameplan is.... "Uh, stop Jackson 'cause that's all they have" Year in and year out, he's going into games knowing that defenses are looking for him and only him every down.

He had his best year when the Rams had one of the top passing games in the league. In Jackson's 2nd best year, the Rams went 1-15. Teams knew Jamal Lewis was getting the ball, but that didn't stop him from rushing for 2,066 yards in a season.

Quit pretending he's mediocrity.

Quit pretending he's Walter Payton.

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