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Default Re: Jim Brown on Trent Richardson

Regarding the Rams and this becoming a "Steven Jackson type situation"...

There are a couple of things that the Browns have going for them that the Rams do not/did not.

1. With the additions in this year's draft, we will have maybe the best offensive line in the league. I feel like we have the best left tackle. Some may argue Long, but I would take JT over him in a second. I also believe that we have the best young center in Alex Mack. Again, some may argue Pouncey, but he is injured too much while Mack is as durable as they come. We have one of the best young guards in the league with Jason Pinkston (doesn't get the credit he deserves). At the other guard spot is Shawn Lauvao, who was heralded coming in but hasn't quite lived up to his billing even though he is a solid starter. This could be the year he really steps up.

Now, in this draft, we filled in the one spot on that line that was weak (RT) with an early second round pick (Mitchell Schwartz) and a depth guy that can play guard or tackle in the fifth round (Ryan Miller).

So, Trent Richardson will have the privilege of running behind Joe Thomas, Shawn Lauvao, Alex Mack, Jason Pinkston and Mitchell Schwartz. That is a pretty nice thing for a young running back. There is a reason that Hillis blew up a couple of years ago and it isn't because he is all-world. Our line was damn good then and it is better now.

2. Our defense is far better than what the Rams have been putting out there in recent years. You may think, "what does that have to do with a running back"... Well, for a guy like Richardson who likes to pound away at a defense, having a defense on your side which will consistently put the ball in your offense's hands can help out a lot.

Basically, with the Richardson pick and all of the work done on the line in this draft, it is telling me that the Browns plan to go to an old school, rough and tumble AFC North offense.... Which I'm fine with.

I didn't love this draft, but there is no question that the focus of this team has turned toward the running game. And, with the line and defense that we have in place, Richardson could stack up some serious yardage this season. That is a lot of talent we now have running behind Joe Thomas and Alex Mack.

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