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Default Re: I'd love it more than ever if the Bulls could win without Rose this season but...

Originally Posted by KelticForce1349
Wow. Watching you call Go Getter a ****ing idiot is like listening to the pot dropping N-bombs on the kettle.

I am sure that Derrick Rose feels a pride and loyalty to his teammates that your atrophied mind can't even comprehend. I have no doubt that Derrick feels this pride and bond with the entire Bulls organization and to all the Bulls fans around the world. A Basketball team is made with 12 men, not just the best player on the roster.

This forum and the entire Bulls nation does not require a genius like yourself to tell us that Deng will need to step up now or any of your other random thoughts. We know that our title hope for this year has nearly gone down the toilet. The Bulls are playing for pride and now; it's time to go out swinging.

It doesn't matter how many rounds the Bulls go or how many games they win for the rest of the playoffs, it's all about HOW they play now. Character, loyalty, determination, class, and blue-collar pride is what this team is about. I am sorry that ConanRulesNBC is not able to understand these things. You should change your screen name to "Benedict-Arnold-is-my-role-model."

Real Bulls fan right here.
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