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Default Re: Winners & Losers of NFL Draft.

Originally Posted by knickballer
Lamichael James is going to be the heir apparent to Gore. Is Trent Richardson that much better than him? James looked like a beast every time I saw him play last year.
Totally different kind of back. The thing that makes Richardson somewhat unique in today's NFL is that he is actually a three-down back. He can obviously run the ball, but he is also a very good blocker and a very good pass-catcher. He is the kind of runner that can pick up short yardage or plunge into the endzone on the goal line and get out on the perimeter and out-speed a defense.

He is the kind of guy that can be a feature back... Something that not too many teams have in today's NFL. It will save a team a roster spot, which is also important.

LaMichael James, on the other hand, is virtually the definition of a situational back. He was drafted as mainly a third down back.

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