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Default Re: Winners & Losers of NFL Draft.

Originally Posted by QUIZZLE
You can't tell me the Cousins pick made you happy.

It was retarded and I won't get it, ever.

I mean it doesn't bother me.

You forget my team is coming off a season where the only QB's we carried were f ucking fat frat boy Rex Grossman and John Beck, the most invalid QB to ever be considered a possible starter.

Shanahan liked him enough to where he thought it was a travesty that he was still on the board. It's really just taking a position of weakness and trying to make it a strength. Quality depth at all positions is important. Never know if a small injury or whatever will hamper Griffin in the next 3 years and we play the guy and not lose as much from other backup QBs.

I'm ok with having a good prospect at backup QB, look what happened to the Texans. You just never know. Cousins is absolutely an asset to this franchise in more ways than one considering he might have to step in and win games and also he can net us more draft selections in a couple years.

Oh but the Redskins don't value draft choices
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