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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

I don't think I'll ever catch up with my Steam backlog. DX invis war & hr, da:o & 2, witcher, sonic: generations, the last remnant, space marine.

Only started into sonic and last remnant of the whole bunch.
  • I played into dragon age, but it was just o.k. through the first chapter, morrigan(?). Medieval shit is overexposed like nazi shooters. religion, royalty, magic, swords & armor, dragons.
  • At least the witcher looks like it has some more aggressive combat than the pause and position model i was using in da:o.
  • I'll definitely finish sonic. That's fun, and challenging enough, so far in the short bursts i've played.
  • The Last Remnant is a game that i'll never finish. It tries to be fresh and updated with tbs fighting like the 8bit and 16bit rpg's; it fails on all fronts. The graphics feel redundant after the first five minutes. Characters aren't interesting or compelling. Probably has a lot to do with me being a 30 yr old man than anything else though. I just don't care about some kid's ascent into world's hero and adulthood. Big numbered damage flying over heads and a well thought out library of spells/attacks still hold appeal with me. If devs/publishers are going to revive an rpg like this, it would be expected to bring back popular characters too. (That's how Nintendo milked me through the Wii. Twilight Princess, fuckoff.)

Trying to push through some of the games with some fm2011 (coventry shitty), frozen synapse and sw:tor sprinkled in.
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