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Default Re: We are about to make NBA history

sup ******. i ain't been posting a lot but im still a fan and i love this team!!! let me be straightfrward and say i am DRUNK right now. i became drunk because i wanrted to register for my classes at the universty i am attending. but i couldn't becaus they placd a hold on my account!! it's a dumb bullshit reason i am a good stufeny with good grades and i have a future. so

i came back to my house and i began to drink because i was so mad. one thing let to another and lol!!! i got durnk!!! i have not eatedn yet and tgat makes you drunk faster. so i am drunk right now.

so listen. our team sucks man. we have tyrus thomas he has not gotten better i thought e would be so good but he sux, i think we should get rid of him.

sorry i have not been posting more lately i have been bsy with school

gerald hendersin has shown promise but i thought he would take control of the team this year but he hasn't. he's doing well but i think he is honestly like more of a role player. ths makes me sad

dj augusdtyin trade him. kemba walker is going to better than him and he shoes a lot of promise. he's the pg of the future, he can be like 18 points 8 assists easy if he gets the playing time. the future belongs to him

i dunno man everyone sux. reggie williams who is he?? why did he start?? he sux why is he playing

bidmack biyombo is a good one. he will beome a good defender but he has no post game. its ok he just needs to dunk and be athletic. he will be a good defender for years to come

we need to win the draft anthony davis unibrow boy is ours. if we get him he will be reallyyyy good for a long time him and bismack biyombo will be great together.

this team will winn the championsjip next year BOOK IT!!


hi guys i hop you hvabe been doing well i dont post here much because i just read stuff on ISH mostly. but lol!!! i am druink y not!!! lol!!! sup guys, timmeh how you been man?? OWL, i hope you've been okay you are really cool, and you know the long beach area LB for life!!! rufuspaul my teeth are good we're cool man my *****
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