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Default Re: Odds that a player will start in the NFL by what round he was drafted

Originally Posted by niko
You said the late rounds were not important. You act like we aren't in the conversation with you, like we are talking about something we overheard you said. Your point was each round is more imrpotant than the following? Are you mentally retarded? You'd have to be to post what you are arguing you said ROUND 1 IS BETTER THAN ROUND 2. ROUND 2 IS BETTER THAN ROUND 3. That's something my 5 yr old figured out.

You're hilarious.
here you go sport:
Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
after 3rd round is pretty much "meh" terratory for me

that starts to become players that won't even make team rosters

90% of a draft grade should come from rounds 1-3 IMO

like 60% just the first round...that is where your draft is really decided

read that to your fckin 5 year old, maybe he can explain it to you...
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