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Default Re: Grinder any international prospects for 2012 draft?

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
From Serbia theres only 2 players that have potential to be drafted , Nemanja Nedovic and Danilo Andjusic . I hope I m wrong but I think that they can be role players in some European team ( that doesnt play in Euroleague ) at best so I wouldnt draft them .

But that makes them more likely to be drafted. Remember, the NBA likes to draft projects with some kind of imaginary "upside". Like, Nedovic can jump out of the building so they see him as "a prospect with huge upside".

They are not actually drafting based on how good the players are. Which is one of the reasons why so many NBA teams are laden with scrubs.

I mean, take someone like Khvostov. He was not drafted and is just as athletic probably as Nedovic is. He's also better and has actual point guard skills. But he does not make flashy highlight reel plays like Nedovic does.

Thus, why a similar, but better version of Nedovic (Khvostov) was not drafted, and why Nedovic might be drafted.

Because the NBA has hardly any interest at all in how good the players actually are.
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