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Default Who should be our new coach?

Should we go after a former head coach or should we get an up and coming assistant? My thoughts on some of the names floating around:

1. Stephen Silas: Word is he's gonna get an interview, but no. No. As much as I like and respect Paul Silas and the work he and his son put in, after a season like we just had we need a complete regime change.

2. Nate McMillin: Solid experience and he's from NC. My main concern with Nate is that I feel he's underperformed with the talent he's had to work with.

3. Mike D'antoni: Would be fun to have an up-tempo team, but we need someone who will teach defense to these young guys. Plus it's hard to out-score your opponent when you don't have any scorers.

4. Patrick Ewing: Friend of Mike. No.

5. Stan VanGundy: Proven record. Might just be the best fit.
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