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Default Re: We are about to make NBA history

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
I'm very proud of you. Three questions: what is your undergrad major/Where are you going to grad school/what course of study are you pursuing? Is it still Journalism?

Inquiring minds want to know. And besides, doesn't it just seem like yesterday that you graduated high school and were starting at ECU?


Haha it sure does. I actually switched from journalism to English. I know that seems to disappoint people but I felt like I was being taught how to write with a spin and exaggerate certain things...which I HATE. So I moved to English because I could write what I wanted.

So I'm going to grad school to continue with English, concentrating on Technical and Professional Communication...which is fancy talk for, "If I can't get a job as a teacher, I can fall back on editing."
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