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Default Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Hopefully this can stick. Let's play GM (as we all like to do from time to time) and discuss free agency in one thread.

Let me start things off:
My dad and I were discussing the Knicks and Nets going forward. He made an interesting proposal. "Would you do an Amare/Shumpert for Deron Williams deal and put yourself in both teams shoes" he asked, almost jumping out his seat for my response. I couldtell he was expecting me to make a hasty decision so I decided to mull it over quickly. MOST people would say "Hell no I wouldn't do that if I were the Nets." Then I used my thinking cap and really dug deep into the situation. Dwight Howard royally screwed the Nets by signing a one year deal. Not only does he piss on the one thing they've been trying to accomplish all year (getting him in a trade) but they're also in limbo because it's a one year deal. Where do we fit in all of this? Well, Deron Williams would have to be the most compassionate, optimistic guy in the world or just really not care about winning if he resigns with the Nets without them having a big time plan B.

Here's where we come in, dangling Amare Stoudemire in their face. I know, hes been injured. But so has Deron. Furthermore, it's not like they have much of a choice. Chris Paul isn't off the table. Dwight is temporarily off the table. They need someone to fill that hole for all of the reasons Rameek said we can't afford to lose Lin. In fact, theyre in even more of a dire need. We were the most valuable franchise in the league last year WITHOUT Lin (we began the season 2nd but we might be back with Lin's emergence). You think Jay z wants to open that arena, in NYC, without a marquee player? I think not.

Here's my proposal:
Sign and trade of Lin,Amare,Douglas and Fields to Brooklyn for Deron Williams and Marshon Brooks. If they say no to Marshon, tell them we'll take Morrow instead.

Your thoughts...
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