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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

I don't see Deron and Melo's game complimenting one another as well as Deron and Amar'e's would. And I'm sure the Nets would prefer Melo anyway.

It's not a bad trade though, Marshon Brooks looks really talented and we could bring Shumpert off the bench where he's best. Although he's another isolation scorer who would need touches that Melo doesn't want to give up. Morrow might be better in that sense, although his game hasn't seemed particularly impressive lately. Pick and roll with Chandler, spots ups for Morrow, isos for Melo. Not much rebounding though, and I don't think Melo or Jeffries starting at the four is a viable championship solution. Just as a first move though, it seems pretty good.

I would try Lin, Melo and whatever for Deron and Brooks/Morrow. And then Gerald Wallace will be a free agent. Nets get long term talent and the opportunity to milk that Brooklyn connection.


SF (G. Wallace?)

They both look pretty good.

I've said this before, but we should also look at the Rockets if we're interested in a PG (although I do like Lin). I doubt both Dragic and Lowry are going to be there next year and while I would prefer Dragic, Lowry wouldn't be so bad.

A longshot might also be something with the Celtics. I would consider Melo for Rondo and Pierce, assuming they would.

Lastly, and I'm reluctant to mention it, but we should think about dealing Shumpert sooner than later. I'd like to keep him and his defense, but there's a chance his injury is a career changer. Might want to get some value out him now from some team that thinks he'll be a-okay, just on the chance that he isn't.
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