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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

I wouldnt trade Melo for Deron. I think it's parallel move. It's hard having your best player be your pg and I think we'd be screwed way worse if Amare got hurt again. If Stoudemire get's hurt,tthen we're right back to where we were when Melo was point-forward. Our best scorer would also be responsible for bringing up the ball. No thanks!

I know this is hypothetical of course mainly because Lin is not getting traded.

His value to the club financially is huge.

But if at end of a deal we end up with Deron, MarShon, Melo, MLE PF, Tyson.....

Sign me the **** up!!!

You don't think we'd make up some of the marketing if we start winning with a superstar pg?

But your hypothetical starting 5 is exactly what I had in mind. I'd be hyped and I'd by League Pass immediately.
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