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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather won't risk health to fight Manny

Not this again

Both Floyd and Leonard Ellerbe (CEO of Mayweather promotions/Floyd's right hand man) have both gone on record saying that Pacquiao's side agreed to all testing protocols, and that was reiterated after the infamous phone call between Manny and Floyd were Floyd demanded 100% of the PPV and back end revenue

Floyd said the same thing in an interview with Bob Costas. Don't feel like looking it up but it's not hard to find. Costas asked him about Pacquiao and he said something along the lines of at this point in his career there are certain guys he shouldn't be fighting, that he didn't want to end up like Ali after taking unnecessary beatings later in his career.

Sounds like he views Pacquiao as an unnecessary risk, one that can be detrimental to his long term health. Don't know why he couldn't have just said that 3 years ago instead of doing the whole song and dance with OST, vacations, pricing himself out, etc.
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