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Default Re: Offseason moves for 2012-2013

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Re-sign Ray and KG for cheap?
Re-sign Green?

Go hard after Javale McGee?
Go after Gerald Wallace when it looks like he may opt out of Jersey?

What moves do you think they should make?

If Ray and KG accepts a cut it should be a no-brainer to bring them back. They both will be able to play and make a difference until they are 50 it seems. Watching KG on defense is a damn joy! He needs to retire a Celtic, damn it.

JaVale only if KG stays. If KG does not stay, I am not sure about JaVale. Altho there should be plenty of alley-oops with him and Rondo.

I guess Bass wants to get paid. We should throw some $$ his way. Depends on what he wants I guess. Green is also welcome back in, green.

I really want Steam-train to stay too. I can only see him getting better and I like what ive seen so far.
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