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Default Re: Best Basketball Management Game?

Hey guys,
I have quite a tricky conceptual problem: can basketball management and fantasy NBA be combined? I'd love to hear what you think.

Let's start from the beginning. I've tried both, and found them unsatisfactory eventually. Now I've decided to take things in my own hands and I'm creating a game that combines the best parts of each one, or - in other words - creating a bridge between gaming and what you see on the telly. Which are said best parts?

Basketball management:
long-term planning
complex financial model
laws of supply and demand
realistic team selection
in-depth performance analysis

real-life results and career paths
pure multiplayer

This is the result so far:
Spreadsheet: Xc&gid=6
League forum:

So again, I'd love to hear whether you see any conceptual problems. I suspect there are some I can't quite see, because the results of my humble recruiting attempts (spamming at fantasy forums mostly) have been quite miserable thus far. Should approaching the basketball management fans be my next step?
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