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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by el gringos
With Lin the over estimating of how much "money he makes the team" is out of control- for one, why would making money be more important than winning to a fan- and two, I'm sure a winning team makes more money than a single player that bandwagon fans latched on to. The linsanity boom already hit its peak intrest wise and now you as a fan believe that's more important to the teams future than just basketball talent desicions? Lin will play for multiple teams throughout his career- don't act like he's not available if he is the kicker to make a big trade happen

The idea of wanting Carmelo to play fulltime pf is retarded- if you think he should you need to understand that positions are defensive and you shouldn't think about competing in the reg season or against bad teams you should think about playoff basketball and ends of games- you do not want Carmelo covering bigtime 4's, he's outmatched and at too big of a disadvantage. If you think you want Carmelo at the 4 because of his offensive success while there this season than you don't get it but what you really want is to get a pf or C that can trade offensive roles and play the typical role you think a sf should play- Carmelo is unique for his position, if you want the normal sf than you are wasting time- he's just an allstar. If you want him at his best playing a "power 3 role" then build around him because you have a superstar
It isn't. But fans aren't those who decide who will the Knicks sign.
Dolan is.

And for Dolan money is at the first place.
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