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Originally Posted by lakerfreak
So is it irrational to criticize Kobe for his shot selection, which can be terrible a lot of the time? My issue is not only selection, but his volume shooting. He doesn't stop and he can single handedly ruin team chemistry when his shots aren't falling. Now when he's on, he's on, but its unrealistic to expect him to be on, especially at this stage in his career. Remember game 7 vs Boston 2 seasons ago? Nearly cost the team another championship. That right there should be criticized.

Pau Gasol's 13 PPG last season was different than this season. Bynum last season wasn't scoring like he is this time around. As a result, Pau can be the third option and get away with it, so long as he is still involved offensively (6.5 assists a game). Lastly, I think whether it is the nuggets or the spurs, its completely unfair to criticize the coach's offense when guys like Pau Gasol are averaging 6.5 assists a game. This offense has all of these players moving the ball, which results in a lot of those Bynum Alley Oops. Those plays aren't by accident. The players are having more understanding of their roles, and since they're now used to their roles, Kobe is shooting better, Bynum is very involved, and Pau is doing a great job blending in.

As a matter of fact, Phil's triangle didn't even involve Bynum as much as Brown's system does. Bynum is getting so many shot attempts, and all of those shot attempts are great ones, and this is WITH triple teams on Bynum. He's taking advantage of what this offense gives him.

If the offense is stagnant at times, which also happened with the triangle, then we have some hustle guys like Jordan Hill giving such a great boost with his second and third opportunities. The offense isn't flashy, but it works, it puts up points on the board, and more importantly, it gave the lakers the third seed, with a 2-0 lead in the playoffs.
Very valid points Freak esp about Kobe, Pau and Bynum....
Heck, all of the above.
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