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Default Re: Good Rap/Hip-Hop Thread

Originally Posted by Smoke117
There was a study that says that a person that is drunk and the shit they say has nothing to do with them being drunk, what they say is the truth. I ****ing despise hip hop, rap, it's ****ing crap. It has nothing to do with black people. I love soul music. Sam Cooke is probably the greatest singer of all time. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, The Chi-lites, mavis Staples probably has the most gorgeous voice i've heard from a woman. Bill Withers was one of the greatest songwriters and singers, Al Green...what the **** happened? Now the culture of the black community is into this rap hip hop bullshit. I'm not being racist at all. Don't call me racist because your music has turned to ****ing horse shit. It's ****ing disgusting. Sam Cooke would roll over in his grave if he had to listen to the bullshit putting out by "his people" in this day. You know nothing about me if you think I'm a racist.

I never said you were a racist. I also obviously know nothing about you. I'm white and I like rap. I also like any other kind of music that is worth listening to. I hate rap like some of these dudes post on here, but there are some that are good. Some rappers talk the same shit as the artists you listen to, just in their own way. What exactly do you despise about rap?
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