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Default A look at how Kevin Durant's fantasy season went

Durant gets the nod in scoring, rebounding, blocks, threes and free throw percentage, while LeBron takes assists, steals and field goal percentage. Iíd say that Durantís extra 3-pointers were canceled out by LeBronís assists, and that this race is basically a dead heat. Until you look at games played.

Durant didnít miss a game in this condensed season, including down the stretch when he easily could have chilled out and kept his scoring title intact by not risking a 22-point game. LeBron missed one game with a real injury when he sat out against the Hawks way back on Jan. 5 with a sprained left ankle, and then missed three of the Heatís final four games in the regular season in order to rest for the playoffs. Iím not going to pass judgment on whether it was right or wrong for Bron to rest up on those three nights, but I will say this. There isnít a single Kevin Durant owner out there who can claim that Durant cost them a championship over the final few days of the season. And the same is simply not true for the owners of LeBron, who had to fill in the gaps with unreliable players like Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green in hopes of barely hanging on without LeBron in the final week of the season. Had they played the same number of games, I would have named LeBron the Fantasy MVP.

-- RotoWorld
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