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While discussing the strength of San Antonio's pick-and-roll offense the Spurs have outscored the Jazz 170-108 in the paint during Games 1-3 Utah center Al Jefferson said he doesn't think anyone's going to beat San Antonio in the playoffs, including his team.

"We didn't give our best effort in Game 2, for whatever reason. But I think Game 1, for the most part, we had a fighting chance. Game 3 we played well," Jefferson said. "I just think it gets to the point where you're just playing a team that's better than you; that know what it takes to win and know how to win.

"If you lose to a team because you didn't play your best, that's one thing. If you're playing your best and doing everything that you can, and you're just playing against a team that's better than you, that's another one."

Jefferson said the Spurs can be beat, since Memphis ousted San Antonio last season during a first-round matchup. He also said Utah won't back down for Game 4. But after watching his unproven team be outscored by a combined 58 points during Games 1-3, reality has set in for the Jazz's starting center.

"Right now, they just playing well, man. I ain't never seen nothing like this," Jefferson said.

He added: "I'm happy to be in the playoffs. I'm happy to go through what I'm going through right now, because that's what it's all about. I just think we're playing against a team that is at its peak, and I don't see nobody beating 'em. It's a great team. I just take my hat off to 'em. Mad respect."

Dump his ass! You don't give up. That's ridiculous.

Corbin said Favors' learning curve is obviously shortening and Utah's coach respects that the No. 3 overall pick of the 2010 NBA Draft gets "pissed" after losses.

"His determination and desire to win and compete is really showing now," Corbin said. "Even though we haven't had success winning the games he's really demonstrated he has that other level in him that's going to feel like somebody took something away from him after every loss."

This is what you want. Go with him.
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