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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Scale of 1-10 where 5 is completely average.

The Avengers - 8.0

- Not bad, not bad at all. The last of these movies I saw was Ironman 2. I never saw Thor or Captain America, so seeing these characters now was the first time I ever saw them. With that said, I didn't feel I was lost or anything. The story felt pretty self-explanatory. Overall, the writing and integration of the characters was very well done. Couldn't have been better really. No one character dominated the movie, and it had plenty of funny and clever lines. Final battle was freaking awesome. Just action and ass-kicking everywhere. Hulk was beast. Really interested in checking out Thor and Captain America now. I see the movie getting 9's and 10's, and I have no problem with that, because it really could have been awful if done wrong. They did good with this one.

The Debt - 7.7

- Was pleasantly surprised how well this one turned out. Its not an action movie at all really. The flashbacks between 1965 and 1997 are done really well, and really drive the story. The acting is brilliant. Helen Mirren was really good, along with the three other main cast members. Sam Worthington was ok, but Jessica Chastain and Marton Csokas were very exceptional. Things got pretty intense, and they did a very good job and portraying the severity of the situation, and what was at risk. Once you get about thirty minutes in you're hooked. Its not an action movie at all. Its a very well done drama-thriller.

The Chronicle - 5.3

Kind of got dragged into seeing this. I saw the previews and I thought it looked lame as hell. Turned out I was right. It couldn't have been more predictable. There wasn't one point during the entire movie that I even came close to feeling like I didn't know what was going to happen next. Plot is unoriginal. "Kid bullied in High School gets payback. Watch out!" C'mon. Its obvious that the "found footage" gimmick got a lot of people thinking the movie was better than it actually was. The gimmick is really getting old, and I'm wondering when its going to finish running its course. One good thing? Michael Kelly the actor. The scenes with him were good. I like him, he's a solid actor. Other than that, movie wasn't much. But I guess the portable camera filming got "everyone to feel like they were a part of the movie." Psh.

Friends with Benefits - 7.2

- First things first, Mila Kunis is fine as hell. That chick is smoking. This was a funny and very clever flick. It makes fun of romantic comedies which of course it is, and bravely acknowledges how cheesy and corny they can be. Timberlake has become a better actor, and the on-screen chemistry between him and Kunis is pretty good. Woody Harrleson stole the show in my opinion. He plays a gay dude. Movie was cool. Want to **** Mila Kunis real badly.

Colombiana - 4.5

This one was disappointing. Saw the preview months ago and I thought it would be bad ass. Been meaning to see it for months. Finally got the chance. First twenty minutes were cool and it just fell flat on its face. Pacing is whack. It just seemed to flow on at such an uneven pace. Scenes that felt meaningless seem to drag on, and scenes that looked like they deserved real attention just ended real quick. A lot of uninteresting characters are tossed around the story, most with absolutely zero depth other than the lead. Action scenes were ok at best. There was so much build up to the final altercation, and then it happens all of a sudden and ends in about seven minutes later. Zoe Saldana acting was good. The relationship and scenes with her brother/father figure was good. Everyone else and everything else is meh. Disappointing.

Seven - 8.8

- Movie is unbelievably great. I'm sure I'm late and most of you have already seen it. If you haven't, see it now. The ending of course blew my mind into the stratosphere. You know you got a real good ending if you're still thinking about it for days and days on after, no matter if you even particularly liked it or not. Morgan Freeman was awesome. Brad Pitt was awesome. Kevin Spacey was awesome. Pacing was perfect. The tension, excitement and climax was basically built up throughout the whole movie, and the last twenty minutes pretty much had me wanting to explode. Best crime-thriller I've ever seen.
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