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Default Re: Projecting Olympic Rosters

Argentina is really making some odd selections. First, they called Oberto to the team, even though he hasn't played with a club in about 2 1/2 years.

And now they called Hermann back, even though he had been out of basketball for 2 years, and just came back this year by playing in one of Argentina's minor leagues. Not their actual pro league, but one of their minor leagues.

I mean what the hell..............

It's not like they don't have some other good players. Their coach's selections are getting a bit bizarre.

Maybe Herrmann and Oberto still have something, but when they have not played serious club basketball in so many years, it's really odd that they get called to the national team.

Guys like Kammerichs, Jasen, JP Gutierrez, Mainoldi.......they can easily cover players like Oberto and Herrmann, and they are actually playing in recent years.

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