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Default Re: Who should be our new coach?

Michael Malone, assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors, will interview Tuesday for the Charlotte Bobcats’ coaching vacancy. Yahoo! Sports first reported the story and a source confirmed it to the Observer.

“We don’t think it’s fair to comment on candidates or respond to rumors,” Charlotte president of basketball operations Rod Higgins said late Monday afternoon.

If the NBA were the NFL, Malone would be the must-have defensive coordinator linked with every head-coaching opening. Last season as the lead assistant in New Orleans, his defense was the league’s most improved.

This season he was the coach who diagrammed plays on the dry-erase board for Golden State first-year coach Mark Jackson. Malone has coached 10 seasons as an NBA assistant and is the son of long-time NBA coach Brendan Malone.

The Warriors were not surprised by Charlotte’s interest and will not be surprised when other suitors court him.

“When we first interviewed Michael Malone we knew he was a hot commodity,” Golden State general manager Bob Myers told the San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News.

The question might not be whether the Bobcats offer him the job, but whether he accepts it. Malone reportedly makes $750,000 a season and is the league’s highest-paid assistant.

I hope Malone is serious about the Bobcats, and I hope the Bobcats are serious about Malone.

The safe route always is to hire a former head coach. Fans love coaches with whom they’re familiar, especially if the coach is a celebrity. When the Panthers elected not to renew the contract of coach John Fox after the 2010 season, fans clamored for former Pittsburgh coach Bill Cowher and former Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden. Each had some success, and each was famous.

I like the idea of identifying the next great coach and going after him. The move is gutsier and less expensive, although the latter might not apply to Malone.

Although Malone shares a first name with Bobcats owner Michael Jordan, they apparently don’t share a relationship. Whether Jordan is close to his team’s next coach is not terribly important.

What is important is that the new coach is a teacher and a leader, is confident enough to be patient and really wants this job.
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