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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by kaiteng
I don't think those guys will help TNA any further since they've been there and done that. They did well with RKK because it is new. And to be fair, TNA nowadays is quite better than the one two years ago.
They had Jarrett, who booked some good stuff, who does have his flaws if he's booking himself, but if he's off TV he can do even better. I can partly understand his current exile to India and Mexico with Kurt Angle on the roster however. Mantell is also a good enough booker when he wants to be and Lagana hasn't been in TNA at all and did some good work with WWE and ROH.

Hogan and Bischoff are simply a waste of time and money to me. All Hogan does is come out and spout off the same old tired cliches about taking TNA to the "next level" and Bischoff is just an abrasive prick in general who's pushing his son even though he sucks and they're forced to have him flanked by the likes of AJ Styles, RVD and Mr.Anderson at all times so he doesn't get boo'd out of the building (Like what happened in London when they sent him out by himself). Plus it's been the same old power struggle story for what seems like 2 years now in TNA, it's boring and played out. They have started to turn a corner somewhat with guys like Storm and Roode in the world title picture, even if they did book it ass backwards and killed (or never even established) Roode as a legitimate title holder and destroyed their drawing power in places like Nashville. They did the same shit with James Storm that WCW used to do with Ric Flair.

I've essentially given up all hope for TNA being a serious alternative to WWE, they'll always be the little brother with the big brother complex. I'd rather give my money to ROH at this point, even if Jim Cornette is trying to turn that into Smokey Mountain Wrestling Version 2.
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