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Corbin said Derrick Favors proved himself this season, especially during the playoffs. Favors could start for the Jazz next year, but much remains to be determined.

Only thing that should be determined is who they can unload Jefferson on and how soon.

Corbin expects to keep his staff intact next season and doesn't plan to add anyone. If his assistants have other opportunities, though, he'll allow them to speak with other teams.

Corbin said Utah might make key moves during the offseason and acknowledged the Jazz must improve their outside shooting. But if Utah basically has the same team next season, he's ready to go to work and improve.

If they have basically the same team i.e. Jefferson and Harris, O'Conner needs to get canned. Need a veteran wing that can shoot(not Raja though I'm guessing he is done in Utah) and a young pg and possibly a veteran pg though I'm ok with Tinsley depending on what other moves they can make. A veteran big man to be their 4th or 5th big once Favors, Kanter and possibly Evans move up the ranks with Jefferson's departure.

Corbin's excited about Utah's future and the young pieces the Jazz have in place. But he continually said it's an important summer for the team's and the organization's development.

Asked if the Jazz exceeded expectations, Corbin said Utah met them. The playoffs were a reminder of how far the Jazz have to go.

Corbin said Favors has the potential to become a player the Jazz can build around. Corbin added it's a big summer for Enes Kanter and Favors.

And Burks? Evans too?

Corbin's open to having Jerry Sloan help the team out during the future in any way he wants.

Interesting! Phil Johnson? I guess he's still around anyway with the tv gig? What about the Mailman helping the young bigs? Hopefully the young pg will get to work with Stockton like Deron did.

Corbin said it was his decision not to play Raja Bell during playoffs and the move was "on him."

What move? Leaving him on the bench seemed like the only move he could make. Howard at least had a strong game before the playoffs and called the Spurs killer with Dallas. Raja had sucked when he came back from injury earlier in the year too.

Corbin said Gordon Hayward might participate in Summer League. If not all, at least some.

I'd expect him there at least working on his shooting especially after a disappointing playoff.
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