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Default Re: Canadian hoopsters need to step up

Poorly written article. The best Canadian players in this year's tournament were St. Bonaventure's Andrew Nicholson (A-10 player of the year), and Kris Joseph of Syracuse.

After Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph went in the first round last year, Nicholson, Joseph and Robert Sacre(Gonzaga) should be drafted this year, with Myck Kabongo and Heslip (maybe) next year.

More importantly the best player in the class of 2014 (just two years away) is Andrew Wiggins from Toronto (son of NBA star Mitchell Wiggins), and when you add in other players who may step up (Kevin Pangos, Sim Bhullar) the future looks pretty good.

Now with Nash adding cohesiveness to the program as GM, the team should be ready to play some meaningful games down the road.
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