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Default Re: So... Wth are we going to do during offseason to make sure this won't happen again?

Originally Posted by Upgrayedd
- Trading LaMarcus Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas in the 2006 draft.

- Refusing to part ways with Luol Deng for Pau Gasol.

- Trading JR Smith for nothing.

- Letting the players get away with quitting on Skiles and firing Skiles.

- Getting into a physical altercation with then head coach Vinny Del Negro.
1. We weren't getting Pau. Look at what he was traded for. Look at the way things are now... we wouldn't give up Deng for Pau.

2. Legit, but doesn't warrant this thread.

3. The second the players outgrow a coach is the second he's not an effective coach for that team anymore. Everyone know's Skiles is a hard-ass. Coaches are expendable. They don't count towards your cap, you don't have to trade them.

4. What? Really? How does that have anything to do with the moves he's made?
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