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Default MJ playoff points record is going to be shattered

Don't you see it guys ? The Lakers are going to play 28 games those playoff. Kobe is currently averaging 31.4 PPG. But for the sake of the discussion let's round it out to 30 PPG. 24x30=840 Points.

Kobe currently has 5393 Points scored in the PO (before the PO started apparently). MJ has 5987 Points. 5987 - 5393 = 594 Points.

In other words, with those measly 840 points, Kobe will have scored 6233 points.

Record Shattered.

Or if my numbers are already up to date, that's 156 (44+43+38+31) less points, thus scoring 6077 points. Record shattered.

5,436 according to Deuce. That's 551 points left for him to pass MJ. Or 19 games left when Kobe will pass Jordan if averaging 30 ppg.

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