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Default Re: What do you think of Jason Maxiell

To me it depends on how the draft ends up. I think Maxiell is a solid backup for a team. The Pistons have used him too much in my opinion. We have a lot of young guys that need PT. Daye has played limited minutes, Jerebko could play more, etc. The other thing we need to keep in consideration is Charlie Villaneuva will be healthy next year too. While he's been a disappointment based on his contract, he's still a better player than Maxiell. If we draft another big like Zeller, Henson, Jones, etc. they will need to play and develop too. So while I like Maxiell, I'm not sure how he fits in this roster. I'd rather see him sign with a contender as a backup. I think he could have more success that way. The only way I see having some space for him is if for some reason we draft another guard.
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